The EzHotspot Extender is a long range wireless repeater that repeats and amplify a weak remote wireless signal so that smartphones, tablets and laptops can easily access the remote wireless network, using a single internet voucher or login. ​

It can also share a *3/4G LTE dongle or *smartphone's data services, when connected to the USB port.​It can also be connected with a LAN cable to your existing ADSL/Cable/Fiber Modem router to perform as a long range wireless access point or wireless router.


With EzWizard Setup, setup desired configuration in a few clicks from a smart phone or tablet.​No computers, no wires and simply no technical knowledge is required.
Wizard Setup
With only ONE Internet voucher, all your family member's smart phone, tablet and computer can access the internet.​

Share voucher
With additional built-in radio amplifier, the Ezhotspot series are capable of achieving long range coverage of repeating another weak wireless signal.  

Strong Wifi
Enter a Guest SSID which your guests can connect to and choose wireless key required if you prefer your guests to enter a wireless key to join to your Guest Wifi.

Guest Wifi
A VPN connection hides your original IP address and encrypts all your data.​Your physical location is also kept secret and you can access to different location specific contents by switching to a different VPN server location.
Tethering your smart phone via the USB port of the Ezhotspot series to share internet.

Phone Tether
Blocks over 21,000 blacklisted websites containing advertisements, suspected malicious softwares and adult contents.

Ad Block
Has an easy 1 click to let you enjoy anonymous internet browsing using Tor®. The Tor® network disguises your identity by moving your traffic across different Tor servers, and encrypting that traffic so it isn't traced back to you and hiding your original IP address and physical location.
Tor Network
The Transparent Repeater function creates a transparent wireless bridge to the joined network and allow both wired & wireless clients connecting to the EZ device to obtain networking credentials directly from your ADSL/Cable/Fiber Router or DHCP server instead from the EZhotspot.
Transparent Repeater
The Auto Failover uses Router metrics to determine priority of the internet gateway and the priority is always given to the WAN port, followed by the wireless hotspots and lastly the mobile data via the USB port.
Auto Failover
Supports all Hilink or Hostless type USB dongles.  Examples:​ 

Huawei 3372
3/4G LTE Dongle Support
In every V series package, a 12Vdc car adapter with 1.5 meters length is provided as a standard.

12V Car Adapter


8dBi 2.4Ghz Omni directional Antenna

3 Meters RG174 with RP-SMA Male connector

One unit is already included in the EZ311-V4 and EZ511-V5 package


Some EZ-8DBI-2GHZ stock may not bear the 2.4Ghz label

There is no warranty for this product.

Consumers are to make a DOA claim within 14 days upon the invoice date from the direct point of purchase such as dealer/reseller/retailer/store.